The Birth

 A Sick & Fat Child in a Thin Child’s World

Jennifer Champion grew up a fat child in a thin child’s world. She suffered the ridicule, the belittling comments and the inability to find clothes to fit. Back in the 80s it was not common to see a fat child. Now, unfortunately, it has become commonplace. Our society has succumbed to the S.A.D. diet… the Standard American Diet… of high fat, high sugar and high sodium. We live in a world of busy-bodies and the quick-fix family dinners. It is easier to reach for a prepared packaged meal. However, this type of eating has fueled the Obesity Epidemic. Jennifer was no budding example of health, weighing in at 350 pounds at her heaviest at almost 5’5″. She was morbidly obese and depressed. It was not until about mid-stream in her undergraduate studies that Jennifer started to take control of her weight and, ultimately, her health. The weight came off slowly and she faced setbacks.

By the time Jennifer turned 28 she decided to kick it in to get serious about learning the art and education of nutrition and she started eating right and exercising. After 1 year of controlling her food intake she had lost 105 pounds and defied all medical professionals who had treated her in the past by conceiving a child. What a blessing! It is this blessing who keeps her going because she never wants him to identify her as his fat mommy. To date… she has now lost about 180 pounds of body fat, including all of her pregnancy weight.

After months of debating whether or not this was the right career move,  Jennifer decided to take the plunge to help people. She states, “I’m not a stick chick… I’m a real woman! A real woman who has faced the discrimination and snide comments of being overweight in a thin society and a real woman who understands the struggle between eating right and eating well. I can help you!”

However, her knowledge does not just stop with those who want to lose weight. There are plenty of people who are malnourished in our country. From those who are smokers and drinkers, those taking birth control pills to those who skip meals or find a 3-course meal at a fast food restaurant, we all have been malnourished at some point. Being malnourished doesn’t mean you have become the poster child for a starving charity. Mal- means bad and simply stated, malnourished means bad nutrition. This malnutrition is exactly what is keeping your doctor’s pockets 34 full while your stomach is only 14 full of the nutrients that it needs to keep you from cancer, autoimmune diseases and other medical conditions.


A New Beginning, a Second Chance at Life

NeoGenesis Nutrition literally means New Beginning Nutrition. That is exactly what you are embarking upon when you contact Jennifer for help — a new beginning, a second chance at life.  It’s important to treat not just one aspect of your health, but to treat the body as one entity; all parts needing attention and pampering. Holistic health in a passion and we want to share it with all people who are wanting to live a healthier lifestyle in this very contaminated environment that has been created.

Taking the time to set up a consultation with Jennifer can set up a longer, healthier future for you and possibly your whole family. Increase your energy, build leaner muscle mass and have the stamina to complete your whole day.